We are in one business only — enhancing and preserving private wealth.

Wealth Planning

Our clients want to preserve their accumulated wealth and be able to transfer it as a financial legacy for future generations in a manner that is both efficient and responsive to individual needs. We appreciate the need for clients to implement customized estate planning solutions that address complex family dynamics and personalities and often involve international strategies. We have decades of experience and access to industry-leading experts in all wealth transfer disciplines, and we closely collaborate with any other professionals working with clients.

Clients requiring structuring can rely on us to help them navigate through and pro-actively manage in light of ever-changing legal complexities. We want to make thoughtful recommendations so that our clients can make informed decisions to secure, implement and coordinate optimal long-term solutions, whether they involve trusts, foundations, companies, partnerships, insurance, real estate or investments. This requires an in-depth understanding of our clients and their families, as well as trust and valued personal relationships built over time, to build a comprehensive wealth transfer plan.